General Treatment / Podiatry

Christian De Brennan treats foot conditions. Feet are prone to aches and pains and a variety of problems and conditions.

Some of the more common foot problems that Christian treats include:

Skin problems
Calluses and corns
Nail disorders, like ingrown or thick toenails
Foot injuries
Foot infections
General treatments assist with the maintenance of good foot health, which is very important for people of all ages and occupation.

Your treatment will not only focus on the current problems, but also provide you with information on how to prevent their recurrence. This may include advice on shoes, creams and oils, and in some cases orthotics, which may provide a valuable long-term solution in the treatment and prevention of corns, callous and ulceration by redistributing the pressure of the body’s weight on the feet.

Treatments can help older people stay active by keeping their feet healthy. Some older people are unable to look after their feet because they have poor vision and limited flexibility. Some common problems treated by podiatrists include:

Skin problems
Nail problems, such as thickened or deformed nails that are difficult to cut
Soft tissue disorders, like sore arches
Christian can also help with the correct foot development of children of all ages.