Various Delayed Ejaculation Treatment Options Available for Men

Premature ejaculation is one of the common sexual dysfunctions in men and delayed ejaculation treatment is a very vital thing that many couples have to understand and deal with. Most physicians who treat premature ejaculation explain this condition as the ejaculation in a couple of minutes after oral sex or ejaculating after a few seconds of penetration. To stop premature ejaculation naturally, delayed ejaculation treatment options would be very helpful.  The topic of delaying ejaculation is a very popular one that is being discussed in many highly read publications.

Delayed ejaculation treatment options include:
–    The stop and start technique

This delayed ejaculation treatment technique means to bring one to the point of no return, and then stopping all stimulation before it is too late. For some men, this means removal of penis from vagina, and for others this may not be required. This is where your testing ground begins on your delayed ejaculation treatment methods and being able to last longer in bed.

After the urgent need to ejaculate subsides, usually 30 seconds later, thrusting and intercourse can be resumed. This technique can be repeated a number of times. This delayed ejaculation treatment takes a lot of patience and mind control, but once its mastered let the confidence shine! Practice is key in this stop and start technique. Practicing starting and then stopping, at the time of sexual act with the partner, one will surely notice an improvement.

This is one of the most effective techniques to delay ejaculation in men. This stop and start technique can also be practiced with hand, with or without the use of lubricant, in addition to intercourse.

–    Go on a fruit diet Delayed ejaculation treatment and food? Well, researchers suggest that eating a fruits-only meal twice a day is one way of stopping early ejaculation. Also, people who suffer from early ejaculation should refrain themselves from drinking tea or coffee. Drinking milk is preferred to caffeine based beverages, and one should also increase the intake of nuts and honey, apart from fruits. These diet restrictions are another way of dealing with premature ejaculation.

–    Remember to breathe deep with your diaphragm and perform some relaxing activities Research studies show that early ejaculation is linked to anxiety and stress. So there is always a need to lower down the stress and anxiety levels to avoid premature ejaculation. There are actually various relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, regular massage, and so on. Plus, not only are these all good delayed ejaculation treatment options but youll also get many other life and overall health benefits as well. Deep breathing and relaxing the body during intercourse is another delayed ejaculation treatment that can help men a lot. This technique works best for premature ejaculation that is usually caused by tension or anxiety.

For some men, distracting oneself by thinking about things like the office or football (just not the cheerleaders lol) can really help to prevent premature ejaculation.

–    The squeeze technique

Another delayed ejaculation treatment involves gently squeezing the base or end of the penile shaft and then stopping the sexual stimulation until the need to ejaculate passes. Squeezing can be done by either man or his partner, and it can be repeated until ejaculation is required.

–    Wearing a condom

This delayed ejaculation treatment is so simple that one must wear a condom during the sexual act.  Besides, condoms being a good and safe practice against sexually transmitted diseases and as contraceptive, it can help reduce the sensation and thus prolong the duration of sex. Although, this may not be a delayed ejaculation treatment that youll always want to practice but it can be extremely helpful.

–    Masturbate first

Masturbating is another delayed ejaculation treatment option available to men. Masturbating during the first couple of hours before love making can often result in the increased ability to last longer. Also masturbation should be done in a calm and relaxed environment without hurrying. Unfortunately, masturbating can reduce the mans desire for sex, so again be sure to give yourself a couple of hours before the act of sexual intercourse.

–    Different sexual positions

The result of this delayed ejaculation treatment option varies widely according to preferences, but this is one we can all agree has its advantages in the fun category.  Some men often reach orgasm and ejaculate faster in the traditional position i.e man on top. Such men may last longer when they put their partner on top, or from behind / doggystyle. Changing positions now and then can also help men by giving a brief pause during love making.

–    Desensitizing creams

Desensitizing creams are also used in delayed ejaculation treatment. It helps by reducing the sensation felt by men during intercourse. Although it helps men to increase the staying power during intercourse, it comes with a price. Also, many say that these creams also make the sex less pleasurable. Desensitizing creams when used by men may also get transferred to the woman that makes them longer to bring to orgasm, which may just be counter productive.

–    Pelvic muscle exercise

The pelvic muscle exercise (kegel exercise) used by women for female incontinence, is also used by men for delayed ejaculation treatment. Premature ejaculation is mainly caused by the contraction of the pelvic muscle which forces the seminal fluid from the prostate gland. This means that the same pelvic muscle exercise can help man to gain control over his premature ejaculation. This method though is more about learning the exercise and simply taking the time to do it on a daily basis, so fitting this delayed ejaculation treatment exercise in is really up to the individual.

The pelvic muscle exercise is very simple and is performed as follows: flex the pelvic muscle as if holding back from or stopping urination. This muscles should be held like this for about three to five seconds, then relax for about three seconds, and then repeat. With practice, one should be able to work their way up to hold their pelvic muscle for about ten seconds and then try to do as many as one hundred contractions per day. This pelvic exercise can be performed anytime and in any place and is really a great delayed ejaculation treatment technique.

–    Herbal treatment

Herbs are another excellent option for delayed ejaculation treatment. There are so many herbs available for mens sexual health on the market. Herbs such as yohimbe and maca are stimulants and may have some unwanted side effects, especially for elderly men. Be sure to consult your physician before ingesting any herbal remedy. A very promising herb available in todays market is the purified form of Tribulus terrestris extract. Tribulus when taken regularly has been proven to help men overcome premature ejaculation without any side effects. Moreover, this herb helps to boost sex drive, improves sensation and increases stamina and control.

–    Testicular restraint

To perform this delayed ejaculation treatment option, gently restrain the testicles from moving during intercourse. By this way it can help some men from premature ejaculation. Though some men find it uncomfortable or too much hassle to use, testicular restraint is generally a safe option. It can be directly purchased through erotic mail-order companies.

–    Supplements

Health experts also advise men to take supplements that contain garlic and asparagus as they can help stop premature ejaculation naturally. These supplements have proven results as a delayed ejaculation treatment foods.

There are various methods that every man can try in order to help with delayed ejaculation treatment more naturally. By going down this road youll discover many revelations about premature ejaculation. Still you have to remember that there is actually no magic pills or creams that can instantly help with premature ejaculation. The above mentioned delayed ejaculation treatment options, if practiced continuously, gives promising results to men suffering from premature ejaculation.

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